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All About Me

Eating well is such a vital part of living a healthy and energetic life and my aim is not about ‘clean eating’ or counting calories its about making real honest food that fuels the mind and body and tastes great.

Our core belief is that the foods we eat should fuel us for the life we want. Eating well shouldn’t just be for those looking to lose weight or bulk up. Nor should wanting convenience mean sacrificing flavour. I think food is the base for optimal physical and mental performance in day to day life.

But food court lunches and the fatty takeaway dinners are not the food of champions, This is why I started my company in 2016. Daley Fuel came about when I realised many of my personal training clients wanted to eat well, but just didn’t have the time to cook at home every night so I started to cook for them as I looove to cook and they were getting such better results and then the business grew from there and I am lucky enough to fuel people through out there day without them compromising on there nutrition.

Gemma Daley


Both a degree qualified nutritionist and a Personal Trainer has been in the industry for 10 years, also a mum and a business owner. I practice what I preach, with food, fitness and life balance.

I have had a lifelong passion for food (my mum is Lebanese so food and cooking for lots of people was pretty much drilled into me lol) and believe nutrition and fitness are an important part to happiness and health and my passion is to teach my clients how to make ‘HEALTHY’ easy through nutrition, training and lifestyle strategies.

You’re Here Because

Life is busy and you don’t have time to prepare meals. You don’t want to have to think about food choices during the work week but you also don’t want to eat bland diet food. You know that eating well is key to being on top of your game at all times. Avoid reliance on coffee. Avoid the 3pm sugar craving. Get Your Daley Fuel.